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At Robin AutopilotTM we bring 21st century convenience to lawn care. Founded by Justin Crandall and Bart Lomont, Robin is a response to our own frustrations with finding and managing reliable lawncare providers.

In 2015 we launched an Uber-for-Lawns business that grew to $5 million in just 2 years. In that short time we completed more than 100,000 lawn care jobs and also experienced every challenge you can imagine, from truck breakdowns, to crew members that don’t show up for work, to unprecedented amounts of rain. We were also a big contributor to one of the greatest sources of pollution in the United States—dirty, gas-powered lawn equipment.

Did you know:

  • Just one hour of mowing emits as much pollution as 11 hours in your car.
  • One gas mower spews 87 lbs. of the greenhouse gas CO2, and 54 lbs. of other pollutants into the air every year.
  • Over 17 million gallons of gas are spilled each year refueling lawn and garden equipment – more oil than was spilled by the Exxon Valdez.

That is just the tip of the melting iceberg. The verifiable, detrimental effects of air pollution are severe enough that the World Health Organization sites air pollution as “the world’s largest single environmental health risk,” and that “reducing air pollution will save millions of lives.”

Gas-mowers in the U.S. haven’t changed much in the last 50 years but it turns out that in Europe they’ve discovered the future. There are already more than 1 million autonomous robot mowers safely operating there, and these mowers are battery-powered and emissions-free. The robots can also mow in the rain, don’t miss work, and are lower cost than traditional landscaping services.

With that knowledge, we committed fully to robotic mowing-as-a-service in June of 2017. We sold our Uber-mowing business and turned our focus 100% to the future of landscaping.

This was the birth of the Robin AutopilotTM robotic lawn care service. The first of its kind, Robin gives our customers a powerful way to limit air and noise pollution, impacting meaningful environmental change via their choice of lawn care service. Our fully electronic robotic lawn care service is a more reliable and more affordable path to a clean cut lawn and clean air, and reduces as much pollution every week as replacing both family cars with electric cars!

Robin AutopilotTM is our commitment to the future—clean air through reliable, affordable lawn care. We personally stand behind our promises of quality and convenience. Click our profiles below to email us and let us know how we're doing.

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